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Research and Development

Al Borg Diagnostics is aiming to transform from a conventional testing laboratory that provides routine services to a productive research organization that seeks innovation and adopts evidence-based health practices and provides the insights and tools required to support public and personal health.

The Group’s research and development team is comprised of a balanced mix of highly experienced clinicians, scientists, and healthcare professionals and well trained technologists. This ensures that our team have both have the know-how and the technical capabilities in information technology, biomedical science and engineering required to continue to lead and facilitate scientific discussion and inspire innovation.

Regularly, our scientific experts give presentations and webinars on diagnostic tests, participate in scientific committees and publish research that demonstrates the value of the laboratory-healthcare provider relationship and the importance of diagnostic tests in reputable peer-reviewed journals

The main strengths of the R&D team lie in their strong academic background and our network of national and international partners such as the Global Diagnostic Network (GDN) and the US based Quest Diagnostics. The group’s primary R&D department is located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia with certain functions conducted out in partnerships with academic labs. We mention below a few:

The research and development group focuses on the creation of new diagnostic kits or the evaluation of new technologies and the allocation of capital which helps to achieve future growth and competitiveness. The Group is a pioneer in the Kingdom for important technological advances in laboratory diagnostics, including genomic isolation and detection, and its leadership has been strongly demonstrated through its response to the COVID-19 epidemic, as the group obtained approval from the Saudi Food and Drug Administration for various in-house toolkits based on RT-qPCR technology for the detection of COVID-19 virus. Furthermore, new genomic isolation kits and buffers are currently under development and evaluation with the aim of marketing them nationally to support the scientific community and secure constant supply of strategic consumables.

The Group’s investment in research and development (R&D) helps fuel its future growth and maintain its leadership. That is why, the research and development expenses of the group amounted to 2 million Saudi riyals at the end of the financial year ending on December 31, 2020 AD, and 1.75 million Saudi riyals for the first six months of the year 2021. These expenses include costs associated with research and development activities in addition to cost related to the modern accelerators program Al Borg MedTech that aims to nurture innovation, sustainability and to create a research focused outlook that ensures prosperity and continued development for many years to come.

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