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As a leading healthcare service provider with a global presence and impact and guided by our core values, we feel morally responsible of promoting a healthier world, empowering our employees, and giving back to the communities. Our high ethical standards make us an excellent choice to partner up with, whether you are a business partner, customer or a patient seeking one of our services.

Environmental Programs

Al Borg is also involved in creating environmental programs for recycling waste paper and optimizing the use of resources. Al Borg Diagnostics recently began to re-paper and recycle plastic waste within the company’s headquarters in Jeddah, and is extending the same program to all of its facilities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The program includes:

Work Environment

We are committed to creating opportunities for Saudi women in the workforce, and providing working opportunities for a growing number of Saudi youth. Al Borg Diagnostics seeks to build a local, qualified workforce, in addition to providing job opportunities for all, including women and creating a healthy work environment where safety requirements and standards of ethical behavior are maintained. For this reason, Al Borg signed an agreement with the Human Resources Fund in Saudi Arabia and several other agreements with health academies such as the International Academy of Health Sciences to support local human resources and provide them with continuous training.

Community Programs

Al Borg Diagnostics feels responsible to giving back and being an active member of its community by creating high-value community programs. This is done through:

Al Borg Company has applied quality standards and is committed to ethics, health and safety

Al Borg was honored the first place in the standard stabilization for domestic suppliers. The evaluation was based on companies’ collaboration with its suppliers to build qualifications and strategies for implementation of corporate social responsibility. By working together, buyers and suppliers can not only ensure a baseline standard of business conduct is met but also collaborate to improve the impact of business on society and the environment around the world. Furthermore, Al Borg Company has applied quality standards and is committed to ethics, health and safety. 

King Khalid Award for Responsible Competitiveness
and Sustainable Development

Al Borg participated in the King Khalid Award for Responsible Competitiveness, as a desire to measure the effectiveness of our social responsibility.
Al Borg Medical Laboratories ranked 7th in King Khalid Award for Responsible Competitiveness and Sustainable Development.

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