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Services for Individuals

Al Borg Diagnostics directly serves more than 15,000 walk in clients on a daily basis through its network of branches in the GCC and Africa. We offer our clients a unique set of universal periodic examination programs, designed to suit all age groups in order to help them live a healthier and more fulfilling life and give them the ability to make life-style changes.

Services for Healthcare Professionals

Our laboratories provide reliable and high-accuracy results for both routine and advanced tests by utilizing the latest global technologies that also offer a fast response time.

With the services and solutions, we offer healthcare professionals can rest assured that they always have the right information to take the proper medical action at the right time.

Customer Care Team

Our highly experienced customer care team is always ready to reply to your inquiries. We moved our customer care system to the cloud using one of the world leading CRM platforms to offer a personalized service, an intelligent customer care, and faster support.

Support Services

Al Borg Diagnostics operates a fleet of vehicles used to serve the needs of customers from hospitals, polyclinics and clinics in regards of collecting samples in line with international standards. These cars are linked to a network via GPS technology to ensure fast and accurate tracking. Do not hesitate to contact us to benefit from our services.

Specialized Sales Team

Our laboratory sales team is both well experienced and well trained to identify your laboratory business and clinical needs. Our Sales Team is always ready to answer your sales inquiries using a cloud based platform.

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