Arthritis Care

This specialized program focuses on the diagnosis and follow-up of arthritis. Arthritis is an inflammation of a joint membrane, possibly caused by bacteria or other factors; which can result in varying degrees of pain, restricting movement and affecting multiple joints.

With more than 100 different types, this disease usually impacts the joints or the areas around them, which subsequently affects other parts of the body, such as the skin, kidneys, or lungs. Furthermore, the pain caused by Arthritis can significantly get in the way of daily activities.

299.00 ر.س

List of Included Tests - 8 Tests
Anti Nuclear Abs (ANA) by ELISA HLA B27
Anti CCP Abs Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate(ESR)
C-Reactive Protein (CRP) quantitative Rheumatoid Factor (quantitative)
Uric Acid in Serum Complete Blood Count - (CBC)


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