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Al Borg Diagnostics provides you with high-quality laboratory tests and services, through its group of private medical laboratories that is the largest in the Arabian Gulf region, which includes consultants and specialists in various fields such as quality, planning and laboratory management.

Leadership and Excellence

Meeting the needs of patients and doctors is considered as a mainstay of any health institution, but entails significant financial operational burdens. We are committed, through our managing and operating laboratory program, to implement the latest systems adopted in leading medical laboratories, and which is similar to those applied in all 47 branches of Al Borg Diagnostics.

Al Borg managing and operating laboratory program

We at Al Borg Diagnostics, help health service providers and laboratories to implement appropriate operational solutions to improve the quality of their services by adopting best practices and thus improve financial results, which ultimately reflects positively on both the doctors and the patients.


We strive to be the best in our field of work and we are keen to develop services that are in line with the latest international technologies in the field of medical laboratories, through the adoption of best practices and the ongoing training for all our employees.

Areas through which health institutions can benefit from our services

Health Institutions can benefit from a wide range of services we offer in the following fields:

Financial Management

We have an extensive experience in managing all types of laboratories to achieve superior quality and maximize financial returns, thus cutting costs and increasing profits through:


We adopt the best practices to help you achieve high quality service and cost savings through:


The managing and operating laboratory program implements the latest systems adopted in leading medical laboratories to ensure the smoothness of operations and leadership through:

In addition, all of our main laboratories are at your service for all specialized and unconventional laboratory tests, and we also provide you with an automated program with high-quality electronic services for both doctors and patients.

The benefits of our managing and operating laboratory program

Most of our clients seek to benefit from our extensive expertise in the operational solutions and laboratory management field because of the following:

How can we support you?

We are pleased to inform you about our managing and operating laboratory program, which adopts the best systems and practices that will contribute in reducing your organization’s expenses and improve its laboratory performance.

Contact us to learn more about the benefits of our managing and operating laboratory program, and we can provide you with a free evaluation of your laboratory.

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