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Launches the Two Biggest Reference Labs in The Middle East

Al Borg Diagnostics participates in the "Arab Health" exhibition for the year 2023

Saudi Arabia, January 26th, 2023:

Saudi Arabia, January 26th, 2023, – Al Borg Diagnostic participated in the “Arab Health” 2023 exhibition at the Dubai World Trade Center, held from January 30 to February 2, 2023. Bringing together leaders in the health field, the conference aims to make healthcare a more sustainable and innovative industry, advancing current paradigms and revolutionizing healthcare for the next generation.
In 1998, Al Borg Medical Laboratories was founded in Jeddah and expanded to become the largest chain of privately owned laboratories in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf by 2004, with branches in eight countries in the MENA Region.

Al Borg Laboratories is one of the largest networks of private laboratories in the MENA Region. Over 16.3 million tests are performed annually at Al Borg Diagnostics branches, serving about 15,000 visitors daily. More than 5,000 hospitals and clinics rely on it as a diagnostic partner, and it works with various pharmaceutical companies for precision medicine. Being a leading organization in healthcare in the MENA Region, Al Borg always strives to be the best in providing healthcare services, improving the health of society, and providing an outstanding customer experience in line with the latest trends and the latest global technologies.

Al Borg Diagnostics CEO, Dr. Saeed Al-Amoudi, said our participation in the exhibition reflects our belief that diagnostic service providers must collaborate in order to provide better services and make them available to the population they serve.

AL Borg will also be opening the two largest reference laboratories in the Middle East, providing advanced, accurate, and complex tests and analyses, especially in molecular genetics, analytical chemistry, newborn screening, electron microscope, and digital pathology, along with the establishment of an academy that will train and qualify laboratory personnel. Each of the laboratories contains advanced technology and qualified medical and technical staff. The opening of these two reference labs is in full alignment with Saudi Vision 2030, which aims to make Saudi Arabia a global leader in health.

As part of its vision of being the preferred diagnostics medical laboratory for all customers and the optimal health partner, franchise opportunities will be granted in 2023.

According to Al Borg Laboratories Managing Director, DR. Muhammad Al-Amin, the launch of franchise rights gives people interested in healthcare the chance to launch their own diagnostic laboratories following the same successful system created by Al-Borg Laboratories. The owner of the laboratory will be able to provide better and more effective solutions by benefitting from Al Borg’s extensive experience and market know-how in the healthcare industry coupled with Al Borg’s strong brand to become one of the most successful medical and training institutions in the region.


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